Most organisations use postal and courier services for sending and receiving mail and parcels, yet the potential for malicious attacks via these services is far more common than people realise. Whether these are hoax or genuine threats, the effect of an attack on an organisation’s day-to-day operations can be catastrophic.

Founded in 1950, Todd Research has a proud history of designing, manufacturing and supplying X-ray scanners, metal detectors and blast suppression equipment through a diverse range of public and private market channels.  

The company’s Jason Wakefield (Sales Director) and Martyn Stanley (Detection Technology Consultant) – together with Terriscope Co-founder Kyle Hardcastle – will be hosting a webinar at 10:30am on the 25 October 2022 to discuss the importance of postal screening from different viewpoints, concentrating on risk management, facilities and security. During the webinar, delegates will see how typical postal threats are comprised, and learn the best ways to detect them.

All attendees will receive CPD Points.

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Brian Sims
Fire Safety Matters
Jason Wakefield 
Sales Director 
Todd Research 

Martyn Stanley 
Detection Technology Consultant 
Todd Research 

Kyle Hardcastle 
Co-founder and Director
Intelligence for Terriscope  


Jason is former member of the British Army, and has extensive first-hand experience of counter terrorism and improvised explosive devices (IEDs). Since leaving the army, he has worked in a range of high profile private security roles involving celebrities and royalty.  

Jason is one of the owners of Todd Research, and oversees all aspects of the company’s sales division. He is also a keen fitness
and outdoor activity enthusiast, being an advanced open water scuba diver and holding a level three fitness instructor qualification.

Martyn joined Todd Research in 2017, and has a background in security management, having worked on major projects across a wide range of sectors.

During his tenure at Todd Research, he has spearheaded an online training project for operators of postal screening equipment, and forged new partnerships to improve the company’s technologies, such as the recent integration of Callmy alerts on the TR15 system. Martyn provides consultation to a wide range of clients on a day-to-day basis, and develops collaborations with key partners.

Martyn is keen guitarist, an avid collector of vinyl LPs, and likes to cook
for family and friends in his spare time. He climbed Mount Snowdon three times in 2021, and aims to tackle the UK’s remaining peaks in the near future. Martyn is also working towards a MA in Terrorism and Security at Salford University.

Kyle is the Co-founder and Director of Intelligence for the app and web-based platform Terriscope, which provides up-to-date open-source intelligence of potential and confirmed terrorist attacks.

Kyle served in the Metropolitan Police for 16 years before founding Terriscope. During his service, he spent over a decade in counter terrorism, undertaking roles in protective security, threat assessment, intelligence and digital innovation. He has also attained several academic qualifications in counter terrorism, including a Masters in Terrorism and Political Violence from the University of St. Andrews. Kyle is a subject matter expert and an established counter terrorism lecturer, regularly giving talks about the policing of organisations and universities across the globe.


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