In this webinar, our Uptick speakers will discuss the criticality of building compliance information and how to make this data transparent and visible in real-time.

For most fire protection companies, the sheer complexity and volume of managing different tasks, staff, contractors, and reports mean they barely keep their heads above water.

Within the context of the duty of care they all have to their clients - in that it has to be reliable and accurate - we have the perfect recipe for misalignment and non-compliance.

Driven by a mission to make all buildings safer by enabling a single source of truth for all stakeholders by turning paper-based work into an entirely digitised process., the Uptick team will cover topics ranging from role of technology in driving compliance in the industry, access to compliance data, the importance of 3rd party accreditation, and more.

All attendees will receive CPD Points.

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Mark Sennett
Western Business Media
Roi Abraham
Head of Growth




Roi draws on a diverse spectrum of experience with 10+ years in the property and technology sectors. He was Uptick’s first employee in 2014, heading sales and partnerships from inception. He has one goal in mind: to disrupt a clunky and slow-moving industry while having an outsized positive impact on the world.


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