With new high-profile legislation, it has become a priority to bring a decision management workflow that assigns priorities, determines resources and allows them to quickly organise appropriate actions and resources.

In this webinar, Mandy Bowden, Comelit-PAC Fire Manager looks at the bigger picture of today’s advances in fire safety and security technology and building management, including IP and Mobile-first solutions.

Mandy will assess the capabilities and product solutions for integration, while adhering to the requirements of compliance both in the fire safety and security sectors.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • How integration can support the development of fire safety and security systems and improve the experience for both the end user and the installer, whilst still complying with latest legislation.
  • The benefits of embracing more integrated ways of working, including utilising IP and smart technology to adapt to site specific requirements.
  • The significant maintenance efficiencies and cost savings that can be achieved by considering a more integrated approach.

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Brian Sims
Fire Safety Matters
Mandy Bowden
Fire Manager

David Fraser
Fire Technical support engineer

Mandy Bowden is the Fire Manager for Comelit-PAC with a career dedicated to life and fire safety.  Working closely with the technical team, Mandy has helped oversee the introduction of the life safety product portfolio and integration into the Comelit-PAC product portfolio.  She has also worked closely with customers to navigate the biggest regulatory changes seen in the sector for a generation.  And she has helped steer new product development to ensure it can meet today’s ambitious requirements.

David Fraser is the Fire Technical support engineer for Comelit-PAC, with an extensive career of installation and commissioning life safety systems. Working on some of the UK’s most prestigious buildings with complex cause and effect strategies. He now supports the fire team delivering dedicated fire system training and offering remote and on-site technical support.


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