Aspirating Smoke Detection has been used extensively in specific environments, where early detection has been vital, but with focus changing on how we protect our properties, is there a now a case for more widespread use of this type of technology.

Early detection can mean the difference between identifying a possible fire incident, at the very earliest opportunity, before it becomes a major issue.  This early detection has generally been used in areas such as data centres, IT suites and clean environments, but could it be deployed to enhance protection in many other projects where it’s not been considered or maybe not even thought about?
We will look at the technology in general, examine how it works and how it can identify a fire related issue at such an early stage. How could this be used as part of an overall fire design in applications to add increased protection?
Then we will look at the technology in terms of what it looks like now and what new design elements has been incorporated to challenge current thinking.
A reduction in cost, with modular design placing detection where its needed, making installations quicker and less obtrusive. 
This is an opportunity to explore the benefits of ASD, re-examine the way its used and see how technology has moved on.
The webinar is ideal for specifiers and installers, along with installers as well as building owners.

Ray Puttock Biography:

With over 30 years’ experience within the fire industry, Ray has worked within the commercial sector, in both sales and marketing, with the addition of a robust background in design and application of fire systems.

Having worked with a number of major international companies, as well as smaller regional organisations Ray’s experience and understanding of customer demands and needs have also seen him “in country” across many continents and diverse markets.

Active within FIA working groups, along with other key fire industry bodies, Ray is also involved with customer centric trade associations and presenting fire products and related issues at trade shows.

All attendees will receive CPD Points.

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