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The Health and Safety Matters Digital Conference is an unmissable interactive digital event, which takes place live on 4 October 2023. All attendees will be able to ask live questions to our speakers and download CPD certificates for attending each session. Seminars will be delivered by organisations including the British Safety Industry Federation, British Standards Institution and the Health and Safety Executive.

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Without doubt, HSM Digital Conference provides an unmissable learning opportunity for all serious health and safety practitioners. 

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    Opening remarks & Transmission of COVID-19: Presenting key findings from the ‘PROTECT’ National Core Study

    PROTECT’ was one of 6 National Core Studies initiated by the Government’s Chief Scientific Advisor Sir Patrick Vallance to better understand the COVID-19 virus and the development of the pandemic. 

    The study ran from October 2020 until early this year and was a UK-wide co-ordinated research effort involving the country’s leading academic and research bodies in order to improve our understanding of how SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19) is transmitted from person to person, and how this varies in different settings and environments. Led by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE)’s Chief Scientific Adviser, Professor Andrew Curran, this critical work was delivered by more than 70 researchers from 16 institutions across the UK.

    The study generated new understanding which fed into Government advice during the pandemic itself and enabled more effective measures to stop transmission, saving lives and getting society back towards ‘normal’, and has left the UK far better prepared for any similar event in the future.

    Charles Oakley
    Charles Oakley Head of Strategic Partnerships at the Health and Safety Executive, Science Division
    Charles is a Chartered Mechanical Engineer, starting his career in the Aerospace Industry and working in a number of research establishments as well as a time in consultancy, focussing on computer modelling of human injury. 

    He joined what was then the Health and Safety Laboratory in 2007 at its unique location at Buxton in the Peak District, and has held a number of managerial positions there, initially overseeing the personal safety research teams and subsequently data and numerical modelling. 

    He has since led a number of strategic initiatives on behalf of the organisation, helping to establish the Thomas Ashton Institute and more recently the ‘PROTECT’ National Core Study into the transmission of Covid19.  Charles now has responsibility for long term partnerships and for strategic development of the 550 acre experimental site in Buxton.
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    Carbon Reduction and Climate Action – Tackle Net Zero with Zero Fuss

    Measuring, reporting on and reducing carbon footprints have become key priorities for successful organisations of all sizes and sectors. Tackling these objectives and demonstrating real climate action are key to supporting growth, meeting new regulations and responding to the needs of customers, staff and wider stakeholders. As environment, social and governance (ESG) strategies and sustainability reporting are now core to risk and reputation management, it has never been so crucial to be able to demonstrate responsible business.


    Science-Based Target commitments have more than doubled in the past few years, and responses to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) were up 42% last year, but research suggests that only 9% of global companies measure their carbon footprint correctly. Carbon reporting can seem difficult – both in terms of method and the management of the data associated with it. With evermore complex data visibility challenges and outdated manual processes, organisations can quickly feel overwhelmed.


    Wherever you are on your carbon reduction journey – whether you are well on the pathway to Net Zero, or taking your first steps – there are ways to make it easier. We will cover some of those in this webinar, which will explore:


    • Recent trends, facts and figures around carbon reduction
    • How to build a business case for carbon reduction
    • A brand-new 6-Step Carbon Reduction Model
    • Key learnings and practical issues
    • How data visibility solutions can help

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    David Picton
    David Picton SVP ESG and Sustainability EcoOnline

    David is a former Chief Sustainability Officer and has over 15 years’ experience in designing, implementing and leading ESG and sustainability programmes. Working with global customers across multiple sectors, he designed the EcoOnline ESG software platform, achieved the Queen’s Enterprise Award for Sustainable Development and presented to the UN in Geneva on responsible business.

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    10 Incremental Ideas to Take Your Safety Culture to the Next Level

    Safety culture is often defined as a collection of beliefs, perceptions and values shared in relation to the risks within an organization. We often see this work directed at the bottom as a line-driven activity with the idea that better behaviours equal better loss results. The reverse is true; safety culture begins with an organization’s management team.

    During this session, Ben will focus on:

    • Developing guiding safety and health principles
    • Understanding and controlling process errors
    • How to leverage the safety management system
    • Employing incremental ideas that make your safety program better

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    Ben Henderson
    Ben Henderson Lead Product Solutions Consultant, EMEA Intelex

    Ben Henderson is the EMEA Lead Product Solutions Consultant at Intelex, where he has been working for almost 4 years. Prior to joining Intelex, he worked in the Enterprise SaaS solutions industry, specifically in the compliance and information management space. With a passion for creating a safer and cleaner world, he made the move into the EHS (Environment, Health and Safety) field.

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    Evacuation Chairs - Friend or Foe

    Evacuation chairs have been around for more than 40 years. But do you need an evacuation chair? Are they fit for purpose for modern day evacuations?

    Mark Roberts
    Mark Roberts CEO Emergency Group
    Mark is a distinguished global expert in the field of Evacuation and Emergency Medical Services, with a specific focus on evacuation chairs. Throughout his career, he has successfully led and delivered numerous evacuation and critical transportation projects, both domestically and internationally. Mark's expertise in evacuation chairs has positioned him as a world-renowned authority in this specialized area.
    Adam Walton
    Adam Walton Principal Consultant Safety Chair International
    Adam is a principal consultant at Safety Chair International. He is also the owner of CardiAid UK an official reseller of Cardia International products, and we help companies increase Health and Safety in their work environments. Since 2017 hundreds of clients have hailed from all over the UK

    Clients such as Arsenal, BMW, CBRE, The Post Office, & Accor Hotels Group have worked with CardiAid UK to ensure their workplaces are safe in a case of sudden cardiac arrest. The company is known to help major conglomerate companies with connected solutions ensuring Theft Detection, GPS tracking,SMS notification and access to online dashboard giving the opportunity to Health &Safety managers of Facility managers to know at any point the status of the AED's placed on their premises.
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    Building a more inclusive workplace – recognising menstruation and menopause

    A discussion about the new British Standard, BS 30416 menstruation, menstrual health and menopause in the workplace, which is a key milestone for enabling positive cultural change in organisations. 

    Nele Zgavc
    Nele Zgavc Lead standards development manager BSI
    Since 2015, Nele Zgavc has been working in standards development for the British Standards Institution.

    She is the committee manager for international standards in the field of ageing societies and most recently acted as the project lead for the development of British Standard, BS 30416 menstruation, menstrual health and menopause in the workplace.

    This standard is a key milestone for enabling positive cultural change in organizations.
    Against a backdrop of skills shortages and recruitment challenges, many organizations still don’t properly cater for the needs of employees who menstruate and experience peri/ menopause symptoms.

    For the organizations that have started to recognize this deficit, BS 30416:2023 is designed to help them identify practical workplace adjustments and activities that reflect good practice for supporting employees who menstruate and experience peri/ menopause symptoms.
    Lauren Chiren
    Lauren Chiren CEO Women of a Certain Stage

    Lauren Chiren is an entrepreneur, CEO of Women of a Certain Stage. She is passionate about supporting people to successfully navigate all things menstruation to menopause. She is a global keynote speaker, trainer & coach on executive wellbeing.


    She left her senior role in financial services, in her early 40's believing that she was suffering from early-onset dementia. Imagine her surprise when her doctor informed her, she had 'just' been through menopause?!


    Today she educates employers on why being menstruation to menopause supportive, is business savvy, and supports high performing people to navigate the changes and challenges of all things hormonal.


    As a trusted expert, Lauren has helped thousands of executives, celebrities, and athletes globally. She is qualified in psychology, mental health, menopause, nutrition, coaching, personal training and more.


    Lauren shares her knowledge and stimulates the debate on what being well means, at all stages of life, with insightful directness, commercial pragmatism, and absolute passion for ensuring optimum health and resilience.


    Lauren’s goal is to transform global attitudes to health, specifically menstruation to menopause, helping organisations to support their teams through this menstrual and menopausal transformations successfully, and to empower people to retain their vitality, increase their influence and step fully into their personal power through all their life stages.


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    Take the risk out of specifying PPE

    Roy will provide an overview of what needs to be considered when specifying PPE and suggests what you can do to check that the products are suitably compliant and conforming. Using the ‘Check, Select, Protect’ process you’ll be able to make selection of PPE a less risky prospect.

    Roy Wilders
    Roy Wilders Manager: Registered Safety Supplier Scheme British Safety Industry Federation (BSIF)

    Roy has been in the Safety & Health Industry since the mid 90’s and took up the role of
    BSIF Registered Safety Supplier Scheme Manager in 2019.

    Roy has previously held Sales and Business Management roles related to PPE, clothing and safety supplies throughout the UK for National Distribution companies and PPE Manufacturers, design & development of certified clothing & PPE for a global organisation, covering multiple regions – UK, Europe, India, Oceania, USA, China etc. which included responsibility for managing testing, certifying and ongoing assessment of PPE.

    Roy sat on two UK BSI Committees relating to the ongoing assessment and development of standards and test methods related to PPE.

    Relevant Qualifications

    Nebosh General Certificate
    Level II award in Safe Supply in The Health & Safety Industry (SFJ)
    Level III award in Education & Training (RQF)
    Certified ISO 9001 Internal Auditor (BSI)

  • Available On Demand

    Empowering organisational sustainability: integrating social and ethical considerations for balanced decision-making across the globe & Closing remarks

    How environmental health empowers organisations to consider how to integrate a broader scope of social sustainability objectives into real lived ethical considerations looking at how we can shift decision making to create balance across nature, people, society and the economy; locally, nationally and internationally.

    Louise Hosking CEnvH MCIEH CMIOSH CMaPS PIEMA SIIRSM Executive Director The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH)

    Louise is a Chartered Environmental Health Professional and Chartered Occupational Safety and Health Professional with over 30 years experience within the public, private and third sectors and has 35 years membership of the Chartered Institute of Environmental health (CIEH).

    A transformational leader and global influencer, she is passionate about the potential we have to unlock abilities within people to create high performing and psychologically safe, empowered and enabled teams who create value. In 2022 Louise completed a one year term as the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) President with a focus on governance, social sustainability and putting heart into health and safety. Louise has extensive experience in the public, private and third sectors. She has worked in Local Government as an EHO, for a national retailer, in the construction sector, for a global property consultancy and as a business owner.

    Louise is the Executive Director of Environmental Health at CIEH responsible for leading a multidisciplinary policy and external affairs function, events and conferencing as well as holding an executive role. She is currently focused on structuring the policy function with members and stakeholders to build a network of professionals creating greater visibility for the environment health function both within the regulatory sphere and across all other sectors at a time when policy makers, organisations and governments are rightly focused on social sustainability. Environmental health professionals are focused on creating positive health outcomes both in work and within our communities locally, nationally and internationally across public health, food safety, environmental protection, housing and health and safety. CIEH’s vision is to create safer, cleaner, healthier environments for the benefit of all.


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