Compressed gases are being used today in many industrial and research processes that would not be possible without their use. Compressed gases present many different hazards requiring specific safety protocols for both their safe handling and use. Safety is a high priority when storing and providing gases and must be subject to risk assessment. 

For many years, the centralised storage of gases was the only available solution. However, as high purity and specialised gases are more commonly used and processes are changing rapidly, the demand for decentralised solutions of storage and delivery has increased; flexibility of storage without compromising safety is the key. 

Join the webinar to learn more about:

  • Classification of gases
  • The hazards & safety measures
  • Cylinder labelling
  • Gases in use / applications
  • Storage sections
  • Centralised & decentralised gas supplies
  • EN14470-2 solutions
  • Technical extraction

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Brian Sims


Fire Safety Matters

Mark Whiteley

UK and Ireland Manager

asecos Limited

Les Day

Regional Sales Manager

asecos Limited 




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