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2018-10-01 09:30:00
2018-10-01 10:30:00
Andy Green places Stay Put policies under the spotlight and explains key things that need to be in place to ensure that this practice works as planned.
THE STAY put strategy for purpose-built blocks of flats has been with us for many years, certainly as far back as 1948 and Chapter IV of ‘CP3’, a code of practice that predated Building Regulations and which focused on precautions against fire in blocks of flats over two storeys.
Since then, various pieces of legislation and recommendations have come and gone, leaving the Stay Put strategy firmly ensconced in our domestic scene of fire precautions.
All appeared fine until the Grenfell Tower disaster concentrated the minds of the public because of the scale and horror of the loss of life. The strategy is now being put under a microscope so this is a not to be missed webinar.



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